What the press say about us We Are A Genuine Non-Sexual Male Escort Agency and Do Not Offer Any Additional Services Cavendish Knights Q. How much does a Cavendish Knight escort costs? A. It cost £90 per hour.  You pay the escort directly so there is no VAT to pay. Q. What is the minimum booking time? A. It is 3 hours. Q. How and who do I pay? A. You pay the escort directly on the day. Q. Who pays for dinner, or tickets or any similar cost? A. You are responsible for these costs. Q. Are you really a straight non-sexual agency? A. Yes, if you require anything more there are plenty of other agencies you can call. Q. Where would I meet the escort? A. We suggest you meet your escort in a hotel bar where he can make himself known to you. Q. I'm going to a business function and need to pretend I have known my date for a while. A. No problem. We can arrange for you to speak to him by phone in advance to get some facts straight. We also suggest you meet up half an hour or so in advance so as to be comfortable in each other's company.  It is best not to devise some elaborate story so just keep it simple.