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Cavendish Knights is by far the UK’s largest and longest running male escort agency with over 20 years experience. We invented the whole concept of Non Sexual Male Escorts and have been featured on BBC,  ITV, C4, and Sky TV and appeared in every major Newspaper and Magazine in the UK
Do You Need A Man To Escort You

Whether it’s for that important dinner date. wedding. business function. a trip to the theatre or purely for good company Cavendish Knights will provide the perfect male escort to be your companion for the occasion

Our Knights are usually available with just one days notice and If you require a longer engagement such as a business conference, we will agree a fixed discounted price.  There is no need to go on your own just get in touch and we will supply the perfect man to escort you

Over 3000 Good Looking, Interesting Male Escorts To Choose From
Cavendish Knights are great company!

Our male escorts come from all walks of life but all have one thing in common; they are all great company! We pick men not just on their looks but also their personality.

They are well mannered, easy going and mostly pretty worldly and well traveled. You certainly won’t run out of things to talk about and they are great companions!

Cavendish Knights are interesting

Our escorts do of course all have different interests, but a common love of life being the norm. They are adaptable to any occasion and able to hold their own in conversation.

So, whatever the occasion. they won’t let you down. Fit and healthy our male escorts keep themselves in good shape and do not smoke, take drugs or drink heavily.

At £90 hour my Cavendish Knight didn’t come cheap but he was perfect!


The Sun  ~  My date with a legal male escort By Caroline Palmer

They say money can’t buy you love – but thanks to the male escorting agencies if you have the cash at least you can buy a man. Just don’t expect him to come home with you at the end of the evening – these escorts aren’t selling sex. They’re flogging their company rather than their bodies.

Typing male escort into a search engine on the Internet, I’m convinced I’ll be faced with all kinds of dodgy sites. But to my surprise Cavendish knights is one of the first to pop up on my screen. Once I’ve logged in, I have access to thousands of men for hire in all shape and sizes and all around the UK. Rob, 29, has a friendly smile and his profile fits the bill, so I contact the agency and arrange to meet him for dinner in a few days. I’m amazed to find myself worrying about what to wear.

I might be paying for his time but I still don’t want him to think I look like a dog’s dinner. When we meet outside the restaurant Rob compliments me on my coat. I might be a mug but his comment breaks the ice.

He has been escorting for a year on top of his day job as a consultant engineer. He charges £90 an hour with a three-hour minimum and averages two assignments a week. More than 50% of his clients, who include teachers and even a policewoman, are regulars. During the last year he has escorted women to everything from work functions to evenings at the theatre and even the Chelsea flower show.

By the end of the evening I’m beginning to see the advantages. There have been no awkward pauses in conversation and none of that tension that goes with trying to impress a genuine date. When it comes to paying the bill, however the pitfalls of hiring a date hit me. But if you haven’t found Mr right and have the cash to splash, I can recommend Mr right now as an emergency stop-gap.

The Sun