The difference between an Escort and a Companion?

Remember the days when you would escort a woman to an event?
Be her companion for a few hours so she would not feel awkward or embarrassed to be on her own?
Well there is a modern day difference. . .

A companion does not offer sexual services

The companion will escort a woman for pure company so they are not alone, making a statement by having someone on their arm during an event such as a wedding or a company function. Women looking for something extra can easily find that on other websites rather than paying for you and our agency!

Demand for companions to escort a woman has never been higher and there are plenty of women with sufficient disposable income to pay for a bit of company and a nice man to escort them with no awkwardness .

Most women are looking for the “guy-next door looks,” to avoid awkward questions, which makes sense. Stout Stella from accounts may arrive at the office Christmas party on the arm of George Clooney’s twin, but good luck to her in convincing colleagues that she met her new companion down the pub!

Ditto for gay businesswomen, who make frequent use of escort services, particularly when traveling abroad, a nondescript companion raises no eyebrows, and may deflect any speculation about a woman’s sexuality.

I guess you’re thinking, some of these encounters end in sex?

Well no. . .women are wired differently than men. If a man were to hire a woman to escort him somewhere, he’d definitely want something at the end of the night but women tend to do things by the book!

And our Knights back that up

“It’s incredibly rare” to fend off an advance, says Adrian, a 27-year-old actor based between London and Birmingham. “People don’t use Cavendish Knights in that way as it’s always a professional booking through the agency.” Some 80 percent of my clients retain me for public events, rather than one-on-one encounters. What they want is a companion to escort and nothing more, it’s a really good part time job and I enjoy the work.

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