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Male escorts were once the butt of dirty jokes. Today they’re the trendiest way for single women to enjoy a good night out with no strings.

Back in the old days, the male escort was seen as somewhat tacky – something that polite society didn’t talk about. Today more and more highly paid executive women are turning to male escorts in search of a good night out. It’s a no-strings attached relationship that suits the busy single woman right down to the ground.

Brenda Emmanus takes you inside the secret world of the male escort, and asks would you pay for the services of a good looking, attentive accessory?

Love Me Tender
Chris Osborn enjoys his job – it’s well paid, glamorous and he gets to meet dozens of women. But Chris has a secret… By day he’s a humble demolition man, but by night Chris is a male escort, making women feel special in his company. Not only does he get to attend glamorous parties and dinners, he earns a good wage.

“The main reason that attracted me to escorting was the money”
A male escort is a great substitute for a traditional hot date Chris can earn £65 per hour for escorting women around the capital on his arm. £20 of his earnings goes to the agency he works for. There’s plenty more like him. Chris works for Cavendish Knights, the UK’s biggest agency, which has over 2000 male escorts on its books.

It is the only straight, non-sexual male escort agencies in the UK. With over 17,000 registered clients, it’s clear that the non-erotic male escort game is big business. The agency vets its escorts thoroughly and runs police checks to ensure that they can be trusted.

Sex and the City
It’s a sign of the times that the male escort is more popular than ever. The social stigma of being a male escort once meant that workers often kept quiet about their job but that’s all changing.

I’m not ashamed of what I do. I don’t feel I get judged or looked down upon. A lot of blokes envy me
Like other male escorts, Chris is in great demand and it appears that women love his company. He’s attentive, chivalrous, polite and well groomed.. and he doesn’t pick fights, get grumpy or leave his dirty underwear on the bedroom floor!

But isn’t the phrase ‘male escort’ just a posh word for prostitute? Chris Osborn is quick to refute any whiff of improper behaviour or sexual shenanigans. Chris says that he doesn’t indulge his clients’ sexual fantasies.

“I’m not there to have sex,” he says. “I won’t overstep the mark. I back off”, he says, emphasizing that he likes to remain in control of what both he and his client wants.

Make a Date
But doesn’t it feel a bit strange going out with a complete stranger? Male escorts can provide a listening ear We put Chris Osborn to the test when our guest presenter, Brenda Emmanus took him out on a date.

At first Brenda felt nervous and paranoid about what her friends would think. Would they see through her cunning plan? A ten minute chat with Chris before the date removed her fears. Her male escort seemed like a perfectly decent, nice guy. But how was she going to introduce him to her mates? Chris recommends saying that you’ve just met a day or so before. It’s no good claiming that you’re soul mates or lovers if you’re not.

At the end of the date Brenda had enjoyed a really good, relaxing night.. and even her friends seemed happy with her date. Two’s Company So will more single women be taking the leap and buying the services of male escorts? For many women an escort can provide companionship, a listening ear and a great time, without any commitment. It’s a straight-down-the-line, uncomplicated arrangement that some modern women find strangely liberating.

The deal is honest and clear, and there’s no room for confusion. For some Londoners it gives women the power to know what they want and go out and get it. True Romance? But male escorts are not for everyone. If you’re looking for love and long term relationship, a male escort is unlikely to turn into Mr Right. But he could make a great Mr Right-Now!

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